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in the early beginning in 1997, this web should be a help for our technicians in the field, fully german and with no public explanation.But things change faster, than we could imagine. So from 2001 on, this web is public and it has been moved to its own domain.

The story, creating these english pages:

Our Fiber-Optics-Multiplexer with six pairs of 2,2 Gigabit tracks

In Sept. 2000 we had to establish a 2Mbit leased line between Wiesbaden and Mainz. That should be really easy, because we use ASCEND and our customer uses CISCO. Our Main-connection to UUNET works day and night since july 99 with such a combination (MAX 4000 - CISCO 72xx) and it works fine.


But there have been to many different modules in the new 2Mbit line, so we did not get it running for at least 10 days. At the end, there was a mistake in a Telindus/Datax manual, not beeing able to run G.704, which has confused a lot. We had to try out any possible combination of Ascend and Cisco with back to back and/or E1/Pri and X.21 and/or different HDSL modems.


So we did research, what type of cables, what type of protocol and what software- configuration was nessecary, to get it running. You will find this here under ASCEND and E1/PRI.


To say thanks to all the answers from all over the world, i am going to redesign these pages with english explanation, so you too may get some help with your problems.

However, you may send us an E-Mail - pls no phone calls without announcement.

Thanks to say to . . . . . .

The most help we got from Jan Czmok, an old friend from more than 10 years ago, managing the gigabell backbone. He told us (2 hours after midnight), that it is absolutely shure, that it must run with our equipment and than, with that knowledge, later on we found the bug.


Another help from an unexpected site was, to post some messages to the CISCO forum at the deja- news-server and getting in contact with a real CISCO man. Many thanks to Phillip Remaker . He did specify several very clear questions, where to look. Reading these questions, now i am shure, he is an expert, knowing exactly whats going on.


No Help did come from the lucent/ascend area. But talking to Jan Czmok, he did direct me to searching for "MAX4000 and X.21" and we did find the "old" japanese ascend pages with a much better explanation of x.21 use on a max4000 and in english, most of the other is not readable. Try it out and you will find much more than in altavista or other search engines.


Another big hand to our carrier, the German WITCOM from Wiesbaden, especially Mr. Peter Heidler and his collegues. These people did help us a lot, installing more ports on our "Fiber Optic Multiplexer" with 2 x G.703 and 2 x X.21 slots for evaluation. And, on our request, they did switch any combination from these ports with sync and without and much more. But (where there is sun, there is shadow too) initially they gave us this dammend DATAX G.703/G.704 to X.21 converter with the faulty manual, (it truly was not a G.704 type). At the end, we had two of them and both did´nt work.

On last Friday (sept., 22. 00), very close to my heart-attack, Peter gave us a RAD FCD-2L converter,

ohhhhhh, how wunderful, plugging together, switching on and it did work, like christmas.


Thats the story. I will continue this later. So, you may go to the E1/PRI leading page .


I will continue making some tests with X.21 back to back with MAX4000 and put to this web.

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