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Currently (in year 2000) we are connected to DECIX Ffm through the WITCOM with this component. It´s a PANDATEL Fiber OPTICs Multiplexer, having a maximum of 6 slots with either E1/PRI (G.703 transparent, no G.704) or X.21 or V.35.


That sounds good, because there are LED´s for TX and RX for each single port and for our main line to the other end at WITCOM, so we personally can monitor the datatransfer and the function.

But like every time, where there is sun, there is shadow too. So there is a really hot power supply inside, and there are no fans within the box. Touching the top of the case, it is really hot. That does not sound good, because we as technical experienced ingeneers know definitely, that under extreme situations components will grow old a lot faster than well cooled ones.

This is a look inside the most important part of the sensible weaknesses of our equipment.

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