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Diese IP Nummern-Bereiche sind für unbegrenzte private Netzwerke vorgesehen:


The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the following three blocks of the IP address space for private internets : - (10 / 8 prefix) - (172.16 / 12 prefix) - (192.168 / 16 prefix)

Non-Routable (Private) IP :

RFC 1597 provides for a group of Internet Networks that will never be assigned. Furthermore, these addresses will not be routed through the Internet.


This makes them the proper choice for use in your home or company Intranet. We recommend non-routable IP for most networks.

These IP addresses have specifically been set aside to use when it isn't necessary (or desirable) for anyone on the Internet to be able to instantly navigate to your computer.

It is especially useful to the DSL and Cable Modem users who have multiple computers connected to a single proxy server, firewall or router.


These non-routable IP addresses also provide additional security on the "Internal" side of your network.


Typically a firewall, Cable Modem or DSL router will provide Network Address Translation (NAT) to translate these nonroutable address to a real Internet routable IP address.

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