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Connecting a MAX with E1 to a Cisco with X.21.

Here will be the description of the current configuration of the 2 MBit leased lines from our MAX 4000 to our customers´s CISCO 2610.


That was the line, where we had such a lot of problems, to spend a lot of time to get all the knowledge with G.703 and G.704 and X.21 and V.35, which seems to be like X.21.

At IPW we run a MAX 4000 with an E1/Pri Port, connected to the G.703 Port of the a PANDATEL FME - Fiber Optics Multiplexer.


The signal goes via fiber to the SDH communication switch of the WITCOM GmbH, from there to the SDH communication switch of the Mainzcom and from there to an ONU, an Optical Network Unit.


From there it goes the "last mile" via copper wire to a NTPM (this is like a HDSL modem for lines less than a mile) and to a "BOG G.703/G.704 to X.21" converter and than with an DTE cable to the X.21 serial port of the CISCO 2610.

And now it runs perfectly fine since 16 months.


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